Virtual Life Coach for Millennials with Melanin Looking to Break Generational Curses Before 30!

Virtual life coach
for millennials with melanin
Affordable Online Courses Designed to Re-introduce you to Your Highest Self.

Learn to use your voice again. The person you used to be is still in there! 
And I say re-introduce, re-discover, re-whatever because you just have to return to your authentic self. You see we are taught by society, parents, friends, etc. that we need to fit in. The sad thing is most of us come to this world as shiny stars only to be turned into a typical side walk stone. Fitting in has always been the thing to do... but why? 

Why not celebrate our differences and learn to capitalize on our natural talents and abilities? Why conform to what is deemed normal and boring? Why back down and allow people to mistreat you? Why *3! And to that I say GTFOH!  The days of depression and quiet submission are over! The days of running from your fears are over! Despite what you may have been told we all know that at some point we all have to stop running... whether by choice or from life handing us a double size can of whoop A**. At some point we all have to stop running and face the music. Stop running from yourself and stand firm! You can do it! ANDDD you don't have to do it alone. Learn from my many many mistakes and get a head start on healing! 

Funny Story... 
When I was in 5th grade I ran for class president and lost. I was so devastated! I created a whole slogan and everything, "Aiyana Glover the Fun Lover!" How could that not have won? (I will say the competition promised longer recess which was a lie... not that I'm salty or anything) But the point is for YEARS afterwards I never ran for anything again because I was afraid. I have always hated rejection... 

So fast forward nearly a decade later and in 2017 I decided to break the cycle and run for Miss Senior at The Virginia State University (for the 2017-2018 school year) and surprise I WON! Long story short don't let fear keep you away from your potential. 

Photo is from my coronation
*Shout out to Coach Ward for taking this pic 
Available Courses and Services 

Gratitude 101

Shorter course* Learn how clear your mind and start to manifest with intention. Check out this course if you feel you need a fresh lease on life without the time commitment of a full length course. Try my unconventional approach to life and see what happens!

The Art of Self 101

The starting point in for anyone looking to upgrade their relationship with self. (Suitable for all levels) 
 Learn how embrace who you are and stand in your truth! 
Try my unconventional approach at life and see what happens!  

Virtual Coaching 

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Breaking generational curses
without breaking the bank
Symptom's of Generational Curses
*Low Self Esteem
*Self Sabotage
*Lack Mindset
*Lack of Support
*Broken Families
* Violence 
Are you ready to get rid of those generational curses?
No more waiting until tomorrow to do better... start NOW! 

It is so important that we address, heal, and cure ourselves of these curse's so that we can build new legacies for those after us. AND YES YOU HAVE TO HEAL YOURSELF! I can provide the tools, the roadmap, and the community but you have to do the work! I mean you made it this far! Have faith in you!
Your POWER awaits! 

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